What Are The Best Energy Supplements For Chronic Fatigue?

Looking for the best energy supplements for chronic fatigue? Here’s our top 3 list to help boost your energy.

Best Energy Supplements For Chronic Fatigue

Life can get so busy that your energy begins to wear out. When this lasts for a long time, it becomes chronic fatigue. But thankfully, you can take certain helpful measures to maintain and/or ramp up your energy. In this article, we will show you the best energy supplements for chronic fatigue.

Chronic fatigue doesn’t have any specific medical treatment. The treatment (and prevention) often requires eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep. But many people find it difficult to achieve these things.

This is where supplements come into the picture. Energy supplements can give a boost to your energy levels. But some have better effects on energy levels than others. For some, you’ll see better effects during exercise.

The list of supplements in this article can be trusted. Their safety profiles are well-established if you use them appropriately. But don’t forget that the best thing is to ask your doctor about using any supplement before you go ahead. They will tell you if it’s safe for you.

Also, remember that supplements are not all created equal. While shopping for the supplements in this list, don’t go for inexpensive or overpriced products. Top-notch brands are usually in the mid-range of the price spectrum.

You can find the best energy supplements in local stores or from online retailers. They are specifically stocked by health and wellness stores.

An Overview of Fatigue and Energy Supplements

Most times, fatigue occurs as a result of one or more of these factors:

1. Nutritional or biochemical imbalance

These have become so rampant in our modern culture. Most people have some form of biochemical (or hormonal) deficiencies. But these deficiencies are often of varying degrees in different people.

2. Psychological imbalance

This refers to emotional repression and/or stress. This cause of chronic fatigue is the least understood but most prevalent. Almost everyone is fighting with some sort of emotional trauma (sometimes from the past). But we often run from them and keep accumulating new grievances with each passing day.

3. Poor sleep

This problem is common in many people these days. The problem with poor sleep is that it causes hormonal imbalances. 

More so, sleep helps restore your body’s energy. A disruption in the normal sleep cycle will prevent your body from recharging your internal batteries the way it should. This can also cause fatigue.

4. Physical or/and mental overexertion

When you exert yourself too much physically and/or mentally, it drains your energy. When this happens repeatedly, it might give you chronic fatigue.

You see how different factors can come together in the development of chronic fatigue. As such, an integrated approach is the best when it comes to treating chronic fatigue. You might get disappointed if you try treating chronic fatigue with a random energy pill.

Such pills can give you a temporary fix. But those that give the best results are supplements grounded in comprehensive protocols. In short, your use of energy supplements must be part of a holistic treatment approach.

You will get optimum results from your energy supplements when you add up activities that support energy. Besides, you should avoid things that might be “leaking” your energy.

The Best Energy Supplements for Chronic Fatigue

The following are the best energy supplements to take if you are treating chronic fatigue

1. Magnesium – The best mineral supplement for chronic fatigue

We can’t underestimate magnesium when it comes to increasing energy levels. It should be among the first supplements you’ll go for if you want to treat chronic fatigue.

Magnesium is an essential mineral in your body. It is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body. Aside from energy production, magnesium is also vital for blood pressure and muscle function.

About half of the people diagnosed with having chronic fatigue also have a magnesium deficiency. This shows that a lack of enough magnesium could be a common cause of chronic fatigue. If that is the case, magnesium supplements can help reverse the condition. 

2. CoQ10 – The best enzyme supplement for chronic fatigue

This is the short form for the coenzyme Q10 that your body makes naturally. CoQ10 could occur in the form of either ubiquinone or ubiquinol. They are present in all your body cells where they are used for energy production.

Aside from energy production, CoQ10 also helps protect cells from reactive oxygen damage. So when CoQ10 levels decline, your cells would suffer a decline in energy levels as well as more oxidative damage. Both of these effects can contribute to chronic fatigue.

You can get CoQ10 from nuts, fish, and meat. But these foods hardly supply enough coQ10 to meet your body’s needs. As such, you might benefit more from CoQ10 supplements than from these foods when it comes to increasing your coQ10 levels.

However, if you already have adequate CoQ10 levels, coQ10 supplements are not likely to boost your energy. It only works for deficient people.

3. Vitamin B12 – The best vitamin supplement for chronic fatigue

Vitamin-B12, as well as other B-vitamins, helps to transform your food into usable energy after eating. B12 also helps keep your body’s blood cells and nerves healthy. Furthermore, it prevents a form of anemia that might cause tiredness and weakness.

From these functions, it becomes clear that a B12 deficiency might cause chronic fatigue. In such cases, getting your B12 levels up might help keep weakness and fatigue at bay.

Natural B12 sources include various animal proteins, including meat, dairy products, and fish. But then, many food producers also fortify their products with B12. As such, an average American should be able to get enough B12 by eating a well-balanced diet.

But in some cases, B12 deficiencies still occur. Sometimes, it’s because of inadequate supply. But at other times, the problem is that the body can’t absorb as much B12 as it needs. In such cases, B12 supplements might help boost energy levels.


Treating a condition like chronic fatigue might be quite challenging. But knowledge of the best energy supplements for chronic fatigue would make it easier. Remember, however, to speak with your physician before you add any new supplement to your regimen.

Best Energy Supplements For Chronic Fatigue

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