Amino Acid Proline Structure and Function

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Amino Acid Proline Structure and Function

Have you considered taking the amino acid proline? Fun Fact: Proline is made from the amino acid glutamate, which is a key ingredient in MSG. When picking amino acid supplements there are 20 to select from that include ones made by the body and others from food/supplements. In recent years branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) have become especially popular. However, there are several other aminos that make up a grand total of 20. Proline has the structure of clear crystals and can be dissolved in water. Like other aminos, it’s important to know the various features like structure, benefits, and side effects. This can help to determine if a good option for your health/wellness needs.

Proline has various functions including skin, tissue, and collagen. One of the main medical uses of proline is to treat serious tissue injury. In these situations, it’s important to get effective treatments to deal with the damage that happens. There are various other uses of amino acids. Proline also might cause various side effects that you should be aware of. This can help you know which ones are common/possible when taking a dietary supplement with the amino. This is critical information when picking amino supplements from drug stores and health stores.  

What Exactly Is Proline?

This is one of the 20 amino acids in the human body. This is one of the non-essential amino acids. In other words, the body produces it so we don’t have to get proline from foods/supplements like branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

The human body has 11 non-essential amino acids. It’s worth noting that sometimes the body doesn’t make enough of them. This could be related to health conditions, normal aging, or an unhealthy diet.

Proline has many important functions in the human body. Another amino acid known as glutamic acid makes this amino. If the name sounds familiar it’s because the neurotransmitter “glutamate” is one of the main ingredients in MSG. The other is sodium.

When people consume a healthy diet their body is able to produce proline naturally. This helps to explain why it’s a non-essential amino. You don’t have to get the amino acid from certain foods and supplements.

A German chemist discovered proline over a century ago in 1901. Its natural form is clear crystals that can be dissolved in water and alcohol.

There’s also something interesting about its structure. It doesn’t have certain angles that are usually found in amino acids. Another amino acid called glycine also doesn’t have this structure.

Proline has several important functions. It’s important for maintaining muscle tissue. For example, it’s common for athletes and bodybuilders to have a proline deficiency. This can cause muscle loss.

Here’s what happens. When the body doesn’t get enough glutamic acid this causes the body to get energy from its muscle tissue. This results in little or no muscle gains after a workout session.

Another of the main functions is to maintain healthy skin and tissue under it. Proline and lysine are both important to make collagen. This protein is found in body parts like skin and hair. In fact, it makes up to 80% of human skin and helps to keep it strong/plump.

Amino Acid Proline: Sources and Uses

As always the best source of nutrients is real food instead of supplements. If you want to boost your body’s proline intake then some of the best options are meat/dairy. The reason is that they have high amounts of glutamate.

There are certain situations when you’re at a greater risk of proline deficiency. They include a strict vegan/vegetarian diet and eating little protein. In these cases, you should consider taking a supplement to make sure you’re consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet.

It’s tougher to find proline-online amino supplements on the market. In many cases, they’re included in blends that include 1+ other amino acids. Make sure to check which other aminos are included in the blend. The reason is it might cause an overdose of that particular amino acid-based on your current diet and supplements.

Proline is used for various medical functions. They include:

  • Tissue injury
  • Skin regrowth
  • Skin stretchiness

The amino is also used to treat various conditions like arthritis and back pain. That’s due to its ability to cushion joints. If you have joint issues you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of taking proline supplements. This might help to deal with the conditions effectively. Joint conditions can cause a lot of pain/discomfort.

This recommended dosage of this amino acid is 500mg to 1000mg. It’s important to talk to your doctor about the right dosage for you based on various factors like your dietary needs and overall health. In some situations, you’ll need a lower amount of proline and in other situations, you’ll require an amount closer to 1000mg. Your doctor can help to sort things out for you.

When picking a proline supplement you should also consider a blend with Vitamin C. Studies show that the powerful vitamin/antioxidant can boost the amino acid’s effectiveness. This is a plus so you get the best results from the amino blend.

Key Benefits of L-Glutamine

Wound Healing

If you want to speed up the process then consider this amino. It might help you achieve that goal and experience a full recovery. Options include high-glutamine foods and dietary supplements.


If you have minor digestion problems then it’s critical to treat them effectively. This includes ones like constipation/diarrhea. When you have bad cases of these conditions it can have a negative effect on your day-to-day life. It might be surprising but the amino acid glutamine might help with this condition.

Muscle Mass

If you want to boost your muscle mass then you’ll need enough of all 20 amino acids. However, certain ones like L-glutamine seem to be especially effective.

Sugar/Alcohol Cravings

If you have either of these it can be tough to ditch them. Besides that, they can also cause serious health conditions like type-2diabetes and kidney/liver disease. These are some of the most addictive substances in food/drink. So it’s important to try to control your cravings as much as possible. L-glutamine might help with the process.

Immune System

If you want to boost your immune system then there are various options. This system can help to fight off stuff like inflammation, illness, and disease. That, in turn, can help to make you fit as a fiddle. L-glutamine is among the various options you have to deal with a low immune system.


This refers to anxiety disorders, which can be very tough to deal with. It’s normal to be a little worried about money, or work, or relationship issues. However, it’s quite another story when you start experiencing an “anxiety disorder.”

This involves worrying non-stop about situations. This is a clinical mental health issue that should be dealt with as effectively as possible. This can help to ease your mind and stay focused through methods like amino acid proline.

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