List Of Upper Body Exercises For Beginners

For beginners exercising may not be as easy as it seems. That’s why you need guidance as to the exercises you can do. Let’s take a look at a list of upper body exercises you can try out.

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Exercise is known to be very beneficial to the body. Almost everyone is advised to exercise to ensure that the body is in good shape. And for many people exercise is one of those things that has kept them in a good shape for a long time. There are different exercises and routines that you can try out for different purposes. For today we will be taking a look at a list of upper body exercises. The thing with many people when they start exercises is that they get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. So here you will find out different exercises that you can try out to strengthen your upper body muscles. 

The exercises that we will be looking at today are some of the exercises that professionals use in training people. You can be sure that with these exercises, you would be able to achieve the goal that you want. At the same time, you would be able to switch from one exercise to another on different days. That way, you wouldn’t get tired of exercising about 3 times a week. This makes things quite easy for you. 

List of Upper Body Exercises for Beginners 

When it comes to exercising as beginners, things can be a bit hard. You have to get used to new routines, your body would have to adjust, and then you would have to get used to doing this regularly. So to help out, we will be giving you a list of upper body exercises that you can try out. 

Before you start exercising you have to do a 5-minute warm-up. This can be done using light weights or doing light cardio. Just make sure that your body is warmed up for the exercise. Now let’s move to the list. 

  • Modified push-ups: First, lie down flat on the floor facing the ground. Then raise your legs but make sure that your knee is still on the floor. Then move your hands a bit forward and try to raise your body from the ground using your hand as a support. Ensure that your hands are wider than your shoulders are. Then make sure your back is flat. Your elbows should be bent and then go as low as you can go. You might not be able to go so low at the first try, but just make sure your body is properly placed. Repeat this 10-15 times. 
  • Chest flies: For this, you have to lie on a bench or the floor facing up. Then you need light to medium weights which is about 5-8 pounds for women and then 8-15 pounds for men. When lying down make sure your feet are stable on the ground. Then hold the weights over the chest making sure that the palms are facing inward. Take the weights over the chest and go back to the start. This should be done 15 times. 
  • Lat pulls using bands: You can do this sitting or standing. All you have to do is have a resistance band in your hand. Using both hands hold the resistance band. Make sure that your hands are about 3 feet apart. If you are hands are close you would find it very difficult to do this exercise. The arms should be up. Then when doing the left side, keep the right hand in place and then squeeze the band in the left hand. After that open the band and pull it down. It should be towards your ribcage. This should be repeated 15 times before you go to the next hand. 
  • Back extensions: Lie down facing the ground. All you have to do is place your hands by your side and then try to move your chest upwards. Ensure that when you are doing this your abs are being engaged. This would help you make use of your lower back muscles and strengthen them. This should be repeated 15 times. 
  • Overhead presses: This should be done using light weights. Make sure you stand with your feet a bit apart. Then bring the weights over the head and make sure your palms are facing outwardly. Make sure that when you are doing this you are not arching your back. But instead, make sure you keep your core strong. If while doing this you arch your back then you might need to get lightweights. When bringing the weight down make sure you stop around the level of your ear. This should be repeated 15 times. 
  • Triceps kickbacks: For this, you would need to place your foot on a platform or a step. The leg on the step would serve as the support for your body while you’re using the other side. Your back should be bent when doing this. What you have to do is rest your hand on the leg on the step. So if you are doing the left side your left hand should be on your left leg which is on the step. Then the right hand should have a weight. Then try to take your hand that weights the back. Try as much as you can to make your hand straight. This should be repeated 15 times. 

How to Build Your Upper Body Faster

  • Always challenge your muscles: Your muscles will not grow and become stronger if they are not challenged or use effectively during workouts. Opt for routines that would put your muscles into work well. And then reduce your time for rest and do a lot of sets. This would go a long way in improving muscle strength. 
  • Eat smart: The food you eat is very important when it comes to building muscle. Opt for more proteins that would help build muscles. Eat right and eat at the right time. 

Keep going: It has been found out that when you are tired, and you keep pushing the muscles are put into use, and your muscles do a lot of work. A lot of effort is needed, and this stretches the muscle. With this, the muscle would increase in size over time. 

You can opt for any of the exercises listed above in the list of upper body exercises for beginners. They are quite easy, and you would most likely not have a problem doing them. 

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