Sodium In Coconut Aminos —Is It Better Than Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce is a popular seasoning and condiment for Japanese and Chinese cuisine. In this article, we look at the sodium in coconut Aminos and why it is an option that may be a healthier option.

Sodium in coconut aminos

Soy Sauce is a seasoning and condiment that is popular especially for Japanese and Chinese cuisine but it may not be the ideal condiment for different diet routines. For individuals who may need to adjust their diet and have their salt intake reduced it is important that soy and gluten be eliminated from the diet. For eating or diet plans such as this, a good alternative may be coconut Aminos. In this article, we look at the idea behind Coconut Aminos being a better soy sauce substitute than most and why it is an option that may be healthier.

Coconut Aminos: What is it and is it really healthy?

Coconut Aminos is a seasoning sauce that is savory and salt obtained from coconut palm that is fermented mixed with some sea salt. This liquid is sugary and is utilized in the production of various food items. Coconut Aminos have consistency and color that is similar to soy sauce that is light which makes it an ideal substitute for dishes. The said seasoning is not as rich as soy sauce that is traditional and has a flavor that is sweeter and milder. Surprisingly, though, it does not have a taste that is similar to coconut. Coconut Aminos, however, is not a nutrient source that is significant but it can be an ideal soy sauce substitute for individuals observing certain diet routines or eating plans.

Coconut Aminos is free from gluten, free from wheat, and free from soy which makes it an alternative that is healthier compared to soy sauce and also making it an ideal option for people with allergic sensitivities or sensitivities to certain food items.

Individuals will usually avoid the consumption of soy sauce because of its increased salt (sodium) levels. Coconut Aminos only have 90 milligrams of sodium for every 5 ml (teaspoon) whereas soy sauce that is traditional has around 280 milligrams for the same portion size. This is crucial as people who are trying to lower their sodium intake may view coconut Aminos as a substitute that is lower in salt or sodium compared to soy sauce. It must be noted though, that coconut Aminos should not be considered as a food item that is low sodium and should still be sparingly used since sodium can quickly add up especially if more than two teaspoons are consumed at a given time.

Health benefits: Do Coconut Aminos Have Any?

Media outlets that are well-known claim that these coconut Aminos can provide various benefits for health such as the promotion of weight loss, management of blood sugar, and reduction of the risk of developing heart disease. However, it must be noted that further research is needed to establish these health claims.

These supposed benefits are all due to the fact that coconut palm and raw coconut have a number of key nutrients that have been shown to have health impacts that are positive. Some of the key components present in coconut palm are polyphenolic compounds, antioxidants, magnesium zinc, and potassium. However, coconut Aminos are actually coconut sap that has been fermented and may not have the same nutrition content as the version that is raw or fresh. Truth be told, research focused on coconut Aminos has currently not been conducted. Even if the said soy sauce substitute does contain the aforementioned nutrients, the needed levels to be consumed to experience any real benefits for health will not be worth the individual’s while simply because the same nutrients can be obtained from other sources such as whole food items.

Coconut Aminos versus Other Substitutes for Soy Sauce

In reality, coconut Aminos is not the only option for soy sauce substitute. Some may be ideal than others depending on the use and the intended purpose. Below are some other possible soy sauce substitutes:

1. Liquid Aminos

This is obtained by having soybeans treated with a chemical solution that is acidic which can lead to soy protein being broken down into amino acids that are free. The acid will then undergo neutralization using sodium bicarbonate. The resulting product is a seasoning sauce that is salty and dark and can be likened to soy sauce. Similar to coconut Aminos, this form of seasoning is also free from any gluten. However, it has soy which means this may not be the ideal option for those trying to avoid consuming this product. Liquid Aminos contains 320 milligrams of sodium compared to the 90 mg found in coconut Aminos of the same amount.

2. Tamari

This is a form of Japanese sauce obtained from soybeans that are fermented. It is slightly less salty, richer, and darker compared to soy sauce that is traditional. While Tamari is also not ideal for people on a diet that is soy-free, one of the most prominent features of this seasoning is that it is produced without the use of wheat. As such, tamari is an ideal option for those who want to go on a diet that is wheat-free and gluten-free. Tamari contains around 300 mg of sodium which means its sodium content is much higher than coconut Aminos.

3. Soy sauce substitutes that are homemade

For crowds that are DIYers, there are a number of different recipes for substitutes for soy sauce. Generally speaking, these soy substitutes will not include any sources of gluten, wheat, or soy. Similar to coconut Aminos, this will be an ideal option for those trying to avoid certain allergy-causing ingredients. Recipes may vary but these homemade concoctions will commonly include molasses, sugar, or honey. This should be considered by individuals who are trying to manage the levels of their blood sugar. While coconut Aminos are developed using substances that are sugary, it has reduced the content of sugar because of the process of fermentation. In fact, it only has  a gram of sugar for every 5 ml or per teaspoon which will have little to no significant impact on the blood sugar levels of individuals

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