What Is Amino Acid L-Lysine Used For?

Amino acid L-Lysine is one of the 20 protein-building blocks present in your body. If you think you know everything that Lysine can do, you’re in for a big surprise. Its health benefits are so many. Read on to find out these many benefits

Amino Acid L Lysine Supplement

Amino acid L-Lysine is one of the 20 protein-building blocks present in your body. But then, Lysine is one of the 9 aminos that your body is unable to produce. As such, you must eat it in your diet. Rich Lysine sources include dairy, meat, fish, eggs, as well as some plants. Any food that has abundant proteins will give you Lysine. Plants rich in proteins include soy, as well as other legumes. More so, lysine supplements are very much available on the market. These supplements are usually in either oral or topical forms. It helps prevent herpes simplex, as well as the cold sores they cause. Oral Lysine also improves athletic performance.

If you think you know everything that Lysine can do, you’re in for a big surprise. Its health benefits are so many. We probably can’t cover them all in this article. You can ease schizophrenia symptoms with Lysine. It also reduces the symptoms of diabetes, canker sores, and high blood triglycerides. It can also improve your stress levels, muscle strength, and many more. Its benefits are indeed wide-ranging. We have not even talked about its positive effects on wound healing and anxiety. What about the fact that your body needs Lysine to produce appropriate and sufficient amounts of immune cells and hormones? And what about the fact that it supports muscle turnover and normal growth, or its role in transporting fats across cell-walls for energy production? Let’s examine the impressive benefits lysine may have on your health.

Benefits of Amino Acid L-Lysine

1. It can treat and even prevent cold sores

Cold sores are also called fever blisters. They are symptoms or signs of an underlying infection. Usually, they appear on your lips or on your mouth corners. You will see them as fluid-filled blisters and they cause varying degrees of discomfort.

Cold sore discomforts include pain, burning, and tingling. They can also affect your mental health because you may become quite self-conscious about how you look.

How do these sores form? They form when the herpes virus overruns your immune system. This can happen either when you are under stress or when your immunity is already compromised by another illness.

Thankfully, Lysine supplements can prevent the herpes virus from replicating. As such, it can prevent cold sores from forming, or at least reduce their duration. This is because Lysine blocks the amino Arginine, which is vital for the multiplication of the Herpes virus.

While research is still ongoing and there are certain inconsistent findings, some people find great help from Lysine. If you are prone to recurrent sores, you may want to consider taking lysine supplements.

2. It can reduce anxiety

Some receptors in your brain are vital for stress response. Without them, anxiety cannot occur. By blocking these receptors, Lysine can help reduce anxiety.

A one-week research study examined how Lysine affected 50 healthy adults. The results show that Lysine indeed has positive effects on anxiety. It reduced the levels of Cortisol to a reasonable extent. Cortisol is what many experts refer to as “stress hormone”.

One study focused on a distressed Syrian village. The experts added 4.2g Lysine to each kg of their wheat flour. In just 3 months, their anxiety levels reduced greatly. Their stress levels also reduced greatly. The same results were noticed in both males and females.

3.  It is helpful for schizophrenia symptoms

Schizophrenia is one of the many mental disorders that exist. But it is not something to take lightly. It is a serious disorder that can disrupt your perception of what’s going on around you. If you have schizophrenia, you would not be able to properly perceive or understand reality.

Research is not yet mature. But many healthcare experts consider the combination of Lysine with prescribed medications as a very effective treatment for Schizophrenia.

Other Uses of L-Lysine

4. To improve the retention and absorption of calcium

Lysine can help you retain calcium in your body. It would improve how well your guts can absorb calcium. It also assists your kidneys to retain calcium. With enough Lysine in your system, you will excrete less calcium in your urine.

As such, Lysine may be helpful for those who are suffering from osteoporosis. Such people would benefit greatly from using Lysine supplements alongside calcium supplements. Lysine would offer additional protection to your bones when you take calcium with it.

Aside from absorbing and retaining calcium, Lysine also plays a role in calcium distribution in your body. For instance, experts find that it prevents calcium buildup in blood vessels. This buildup is one of the risk factors for heart problems.

5.  It promotes wound healing

Lysine can help your wounds heal faster. In animal tissues, lysine usually becomes very active when there is a wound. It hastens the process of repair. This is because Lysine is one of the amino components of collagen.

Collagen is a potent structural protein. It can act as scaffolds to help support your bones and skin, as well as give them structure. Lysine is itself also a potent binding agent. As such, it can increase the presence of new cells to repair your wound, be it fractures or skin wounds.

However, you must understand that wound healing is quite complex. It requires more than just Lysine. It also requires various vitamins, minerals, as well as some other factors. But then, the role of Lysine is very pivotal. Without Lysine, your wound would not heal as it ought.

Other Potential Lysine Benefits

As a protein building block, Lysine helps your body to produce the proteins it needs. These include immune cells, enzymes, and hormones. All of these have peculiar benefits. That’s why Lysine benefits are multifaceted.

Some of the other benefits your body can get from Lysine are as follows:

1. Cancer treatment

One study on animals shows that Lysine can help in treating cancer. They found that combining catechins (an antioxidant) with lysine can help reduce the growth of cell growth.

2. Diabetes treatment

One study proved that lysine can bring down the level of glucose in your blood. I can also improve insulin resistance in those suffering from diabetes. However, experts are still not clear about how this works

3. Regulation blood pressure

Lysine deficiency goes hand in hand with elevated blood pressure. As such lysine supplements can help regulate your blood pressure if it is on the high side.

Adequate amounts of the amino acid L-Lysine are very essential for sustaining normal health. As such, you may find help from Lysine supplements.

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