What Foods Contain Lysine For Vegans?

Veganism is a popular dieting technique for decades. To ensure that you stay healthy while on this diet, this article provides a list of foods that are rich in lysine amino acids.

Lysine Amino Acids

Lysine is usually present in plants, but just in limited amounts. To help vegan dieters. What foods contain lysine for vegans?

One of the most popular dieting techniques for decades, veganism is now considered as a movement in a way as it has attracted a great number of followers today. Many people believe this certain eating habit or lifestyle is a healthy one as it restricts people from meat, honey, eggs, and dairy products. This practice has caused some people to wonder if having a vegan diet can keep a person healthy at all times as it has a long list of restricted foods. 

University of Newcastle nutrition professor said in an interview that despite the restricted diet, a person who is a vegan can still keep his or her nutritional needs at all times. The bottom line is that vegan diet followers must have a deep understanding of the food that they should always have. Among these is lysine amino acid which is very important to everyone’s health.

Lysine Levels for Vegans

Practicing a balanced diet is crucial to the health of every people who are on a special diet. Some people believe that followers of special diets such as vegetarians and vegans need to have protein sources in their every meal to get the essential amino acids that our body needs. However, researchers argue that in contrast to this common belief, vegan followers can get their protein in just around 2 to 3 days every week, considering that the protein sources provide the essential amino acids.

Some clinical experts recommend a vegan diet with the guidance that we have a regular intake of the essential amino acids, especially lysine. Experts call adult and teen vegan diet followers to always have around 3000 mg lysine daily.

The question now is where should we get it. What foods contain lysine for vegans? To help you with that, here is the list of foods for vegans that are rich in this nutrient.

Lysine Superstars for Vegans


One of the most popular veggies for vegans or vegetarians, lentils are perfect for those who love garden salads. In addition to fresh salads, lentils are very common in healthy dishes like dal. What makes it popular too is that a cup of lentils gives us more than 1,200 mg of lysine or around 16 g of protein.


If you are among those who enjoy food with a nutty taste, then you would love tempeh. A chewy soy variation, tempeh is perfect to go with minced garlic, tamari, and other vegetables such as sweet potatoes. Whether curried or stewed, this product is helpful for vegetarians and vegans as it has a high content of lysine. According to experts, a 1/2 cup of tempeh will give us more than 700 mg of lysine.

Black Beans

Another superstar for dieters is the black beans. For every pack or a cup of black beans, we can get at least 1000 mg of lysine. Not only that. Many people love to include black beans in their diet because it is a good source of antioxidants which keeps us healthy at all times. Among the favorite dishes that we could add black beans into are tacos. Just mix it with some pico de gallo, cheesy dip, and quinoa, then you will surely have a great start for the day.


Looking for some lysine source to add to your vegan salad or sandwich? Why not try seitan as you will get about 650 mg of the essential amino acid in just a small serving of this food. Perfect for your sumptuous taco meal, seitan contains wheat gluten. In this regard, those who are sensitive or allergic to wheat should watch out for this one as it could cause some health troubles for them.


Popular to those who are trying to lose weight and stay fit, quinoa is a good rice substitute as it is rich in protein as well as fiber, and other essential minerals and vitamins. Studies believe that a cup of this grain can give us more than 400 mg of the essential amino acid as it has 8 g protein.

Quinoa is famous in Mediterranean dishes. It is easy to prepare. Just remember to rinse it with water before you cook it. This step is important to remove its saponin content which could also trigger stomach upset.


Are you a nut lover? For vegans who love to snack on nuts, then they must know how healthy pistachios is. An additional source of protein for us, a cup of pistachios contains 12 g protein or more than 700 mg lysine. Just sprinkle your salad or dish with pistachios and presto, you can have the essential amino acid that you need for the day.

Pumpkin Seed

If you are not a fan of pistachios and in search of something to add to your vegan salad, why not try pumpkin seeds. A 1/2 cup of the seeds contains 720 lysines or 16g protein. Aside from adding to salads, you can also enjoy it when added to tacos, soups, or sandwiches.

Soy Milk

Last but not the least, a perfect source of lysine for those in a vegan diet or vegetarian diet is soy milk. Cereal lovers can surely enjoy this as it could easily be a substitute for regular milk. What makes it very special is its nutritional value is not limited to having around 400 mg of lysine for a cup of this drink. In addition to the essential amino acids that we should have to be healthy, soy milk is also rich in calcium and other minerals to keep ourselves fit.

Lysine is truly a significant nutrient in our daily diet. Vegans or those who restrict their meat intake have nothing to worry about as there are numerous food sources where they can get their protein and lysine. These are just a few but to know more, it is best to seek assistance from a medical professional to ensure that what you get is what’s best for your health.

Lysine for vegans

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