What Are The Best Amino Acid Supplements For Young Athletes?

Amino acid supplements have been around for quite some time. And people now opt for amino acid supplements a lot because of the benefits they get from it. But what are the best amino acid supplements you can opt for? Find out here.

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Athletes happen to be one group of people that opt for supplements the most. And that’s because supplements are highly needed. They mainly opt for amino acid supplements. The reason for this is because of the role of amino acids in the muscle. Our muscles are made up of proteins. And proteins are made up of amino acids. This means that for the building up of muscle amino acids are highly needed. One of the easiest ways to get that is by opting for amino acid supplements. For today we will be concentrating on best amino acid supplements for young athletes. 

With the increased need for amino acid supplements by athletes, there are now many brands that make these supplements. The thing though is that some of the brands are not as effective as they should be. That’s why we will be looking at some of the best supplements that you can opt for. With the list, we will be looking at below you can be sure that you would find a brand that best suits your needs. Apart from that, we will also be looking at some of the amazing benefits that come with using amino acid supplements. 

Best Amino Acid Supplements for Young Athletes 

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Take note that there a whole lot of products out there when it comes to amino acid supplements that young athletes can opt for. But for today we will just be taking a look at the 3 best supplements in this category. 

1. Optimum Nutrition (ON) BCAA

This is one of the best amino acid supplements that you can ever opt for. It is composed of a combination of all the branched-chain amino acids. Essential amino acids are quite important and the reason for that is because they must be gotten from other sources because the body can’t make them. Athletes opt for this supplement because it is good for building the muscle and also improving endurance. In this package, you would get 1000 mg of BCAAs. Out of this leucine is about 500mgs while valine and isoleucine are 250mgs each. If one of your aims as an athlete is the recovery of muscle mass then this would be a great option for you to opt for. It can be used as a supplement to your normal diet or even as a supplement to protein powders. Many people say that the best time to consume this product is right after doing a stressful and tiring workout. It is believed that it would help provide the muscle support that is needed.

2. GU Roctane BCAA

This is one product that comes from one of the best brands out there. It is popularly known to improve endurance in athletes. And this is one of the main reasons why athletes are raving about this product right here. This is one product that can be used whenever you please. It can be taken before you go for workouts and it can also be taken when you’re done working out. The ratio of BCAAs in this product is 4:1:1 (leucine: isoleucine: valine). There are also other vitamins that help out with the recovery of muscle and even reduce the chances of having nausea while exercising. This product is great for reducing muscle tissue damage. The great thing is that it’s vegan. 

3. Klean BCAA + Peak ATP

For many people, this product has gained their trust and support. It provides the body with the needed amino acids in a formula that’s great for drinking. The ratio of the branched-chain amino acids in this product happens to be 2:1:1. Also with a single serving, you would be able to get about 400mg of ATP. Its main benefits are strength and muscle gain. If these two are your major concerns then you’ve probably hit the jackpot. This is one product that gives you the opportunity to experience all these. This product is used after you’ve done a very hectic workout. This should be used immediately after working out. That’s because this would help enhance the recovery process immediately. 

Benefits of Amino Acid Supplements 

Now that we’ve had a look at some of the best amino acid supplements out there let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits that come with using amino acid supplements. These benefits are: 

  • Improved performance: One thing that amino acid supplements do is improving your overall performance. The coming together of all the benefits of the amino acid supplements give you a better chance of performance. Your body would be able to work a lot better. 
  • Improved recovery: Many athletes have to go through the pain that comes with practicing so hard. The muscles become sores. And there are times that there is damage to the muscle. Recovery sure isn’t at the speed of light so it would take some time. But with supplements, the recovery becomes a whole lot better. You can be sure that with supplements the recovery would be faster and complete. And that is actually very important for athletes. 
  • Reduced fatigue: There have been studies that show that amino acid supplements actually help reduce fatigue. It is believed that they have the ability to get rid of any form of fatigue that would usually come with long hours of exercise. 
  • Increased endurance: All the supplements have a bit of this benefit in them. There are certain supplements that are concentrated on this benefit though. One thing that amino acid does is that it switches up the way the body uses the major sources of fuel. For this reason, amino acids are able to provide you with the needed nutrients that would help out with improving endurance. 
  • Improves muscle growth: The primary aim of amino acid supplements is the growth of muscles. And that’s because amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which happens to be the building block of muscles. So with good amino acid supplements, you can be sure that you’re on the right path to building your muscles. 

So there you have it, the list of the best amino acid supplements for young athletes. Depending on your needs and preferences you can opt for any of those products. You can be sure that you wouldn’t be making a mistake opting for any.

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