The 8 Best Plant-Based Protein Powder To Try

Protein powder is a good dietary inclusion. They supply the body with essential nutrients particularly amino acids which play vital roles in the body. We have listed out some of the best plant-based protein powder for you.

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A lot of people are avoiding animal-based products these days and their reasons vary. We know that animal-based foods are a main source of protein in our diet and If you choose to stay away from it then there has to be an alternative because our body needs as much protein as it can get. Protein is an essential nutrient that performs various functions in the human body. There is some best plant-based protein powder that can serve as an alternative to animal-based protein powder and are more healthy.

These plant-based protein powders can either be flavored or plain. It can be mixed with water, smoothies, non-dairy milk, or oat milk. Plant foods such as rice, sunflower seeds, and peas do not have as many proteins like fish and meat but the processing which they undergo usually removes the carbs and fat and separates the protein making it into protein concentrate powders. You should know that not all plant proteins are complete proteins, this means that they do not have all the nine essential amino acids which the body needs for protein synthesis. But this would not be a problem for you as long as you consistently eat different plant proteins.

Best Plant-Based Protein Powders

There are some vegan protein powders that have a very high nutrition profile and we have listed the best eight for you.

1. Pea protein 

This protein powder is not gotten from green peas but from their higher cousins, the yellow peas. Twenty-eight grams of plain pea protein contains about twenty-one grams of the nutrient protein and a hundred calories but this relies on its brand. Pea protein has low methionine, however, it has a high amount of the branch chain amino acid, valine, leucine, and isoleucine. This amino acid acts as a source of fuel to muscles in action and it also triggers the production of muscle protein within the body.

The muscle growth that is gotten from pea protein is similar to the muscle growth from people that consume whey protein. Human and animal studies show that using this protein powder makes one feel full and decreases blood pressure.

2. Hemp protein 

This protein powder is gotten from cannabis plant seeds but from different bred. It contains little amount of THC, a euphoric compound that is responsible for making one high. But because this compound is only present in trace amounts then it can’t cause a person to be high. 

A twenty-eight gram of plain hemp protein contains twelve grams of the nutrient protein and a hundred and eight calories. This plant-based protein powder is also a good source of iron, fiber, alpha-linolenic acid, zinc, and magnesium. But it contains only a small amount of lysine thus it cannot be classified as an absolute protein. However, routine consumption of quinoa or legumes can fill up the gap.

Research has shown that this hemp protein could be a beneficial source of compounds that decreases blood pressure. But this effect is still yet to be tried on people.

3. Pumpkin seed

Whole pumpkin seeds contain a high amount of proteins and fat. When it is turned into powder, a large percentage of the fat is removed and this reduces calories. A twenty-eight gram of plain pumpkin seed powder supplies about eighteen grams of the nutrient protein a hundred and three calories. It has a low amount of lysine and threonine amino acids. But it is still very nutritious and supplies a large quantity of zinc, iron, magnesium, and other plant compounds. There is evidence that this seed has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  

4. Brown rice

This is one of the best plant-based protein powders and it can be found easily. A twenty-eight gram of this protein powder contains about twenty-two grams of the nutrients protein and a hundred and seven calories. It is low in lysine but has a good supply of branched-chain amino acids that helps in muscle building.

A study shows that this brown rice vegan powder can be compared to whey protein in its role of supporting the growth of muscle after exercise. The problem with most rice products is that they can get contaminated with arsenic, a heavy metal. So it is best to buy a brand that tests the level of arsenic.

5. Soy protein

This is an uncommon plant-based protein powder because it has all the essential amino acids. It also has a high amount of BCAAs which supports the strength of muscle and its growth. Twenty grams of soy protein powder has about twenty-two grams of the nutrient protein and ninety-five calories. It also has some plant compounds that are effective in lowering cholesterol levels.

In recent years soy protein has been avoided because of its genetic modification but there are still some brands that are not genetically modified. Another reason why soy protein is been avoided includes soy allergies and its negative effects on health like the risk of breast cancer. Yet a recent study has shown that there are some plant compounds in soy protein that have anti-cancer properties. They said the former concerns about the safety of soy were on the basis of animal studies and may not be applied to people.

6. Sunflower seed

The protein powder gotten from sunflower seed is a new option for vegan protein powder. Twenty-eight grams of this powder supply about thirteen grams of the nutrient protein ninety-on calories. It also has BCAAs that aids in muscle building. It has a low lysine content but is still provides the other eight essential amino acids. Sunflower powder is oftentimes mixed with quinoa powder to increase the level of lysine.

7. Sacha inchi

Sacha inchi is a seed or a nut cultivated in Peru. Protein powder is extracted from this seed but it is more expensive than others because of its limited supply. A twenty-eight gram of this protein powder contains about seventeen grams of the nutrient protein and a hundred and twenty calories. It also lacks sufficient amounts of lysine but has a good amount of arginine.

The body uses arginine to synthesize nitric oxide which stimulates the expansion of arteries, decreases blood pressure, and enhances blood flow. Its omega-3 fat content also improves heart health. 

8. Chia protein 

This protein is gotten from a seed that grows in the southern part of America. It can be added to smoothies, baked goods, and porridge. A twenty-eight gram of this protein contains about ten grams of the nutrient protein and fifty calories. It also has a slow lysine level. This powder helps in the digestion of amino acids and it also contains fiber and several minerals.

In summary

These protein powders are very beneficial to the body as it provides essential amino acids which carries out various vital bodily functions. Some of its functions include protein synthesis, muscle growth, and repair. It is in your best interest to include the best plant-based protein powder regularly in your diet.

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