The Amino Acids Present In Gelatin

The amino acids present in gelatin easily makes it a well sought after a meal in this twenty-first century, where the booze on healthy living seems to be on an increase more than ever before. Read on to find out more about gelatin.

amino acids in gelatin

Gelatin is more than just a flavored colorful food. It is surprisingly true that a huge percentage of people are unaware of the several health benefits provided by gelatin, thanks to its amino acid content. Gelatin preparation involves boiling animal skins, cartilage, and bone to obtain collagen. As collagen is processed it usually takes on the form and look of a flavorless and colorless substance called gelatin. Gelatin usually takes on a jelly-like feel when allowed to cool. Due to the fact that the amino acids in gelatin is similar to that of collagen, they provide almost the same health benefits.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and proteins are essential macronutrients with which our body carries out several vital functions. Most important is that protein serves as an energy source, especially in emergency situations. While your body is truly able to synthesize some amino acids, these are termed as the nutritionally nonessential amino acid, there are other amino acids that you have to get through your diet, these are nutritionally essential amino acids. The amino acids in gelatin are gotten from bones and organs of specific animals that are usually overlooked so including gelatin in your diet is very beneficial.

Amino Acid Present In Gelatin

There are three main amino acids that can be found in gelatin, these are glycine, valine, and proline. Others like arginine, lysine and alanine can be found too. Your body is not able to produce valine which is very important, hence you can only get it through your diet.

Luckily gelatin is very easy to find, they are in gummy candies and marshmallows even some drug capsules coating contains gelatin.

One good thing that makes gelatin outstanding from other animal sources that also provide protein is that it contains no unhealthy fat like others. Next, let’s examine other good things about gelatin.

Gelatin Health Benefits

1. Body tissues health

There is 0.82 gm of protein in 240 gm of gelatin-containing dessert. Adults are recommended to take 46-56 gms of protein daily based on their sex and age. We know already that protein is classified under macro-nutrients meaning a significant measure of it is needed in order for the body to function.

In case you are wondering what’s so special about proteins know that they are required for the maintenance and building of your body tissues. They are also needed for various organs in your body to function well and protein serves as energy sources.

2. Digestion

An amino acid present in gelatin which is known as glutamic acid may be useful in promoting the health of your stomach mucosal lining, thus aiding digestion. The effect this may have on digestion is that it stimulates gastric juice production. Gelatin acts by binding to water, facilitating the movement of food through one’s digestive system.

3. Skincare

Collagen is popular for making the skin have a youthful and healthy appearance. Sadly, with the aging process comes collagen depletion making the skin lose its firmness, develop lines and wrinkles.

Gelatin may help to naturally boost your collagen level and improve the appearance of your skin. A 2016 research suggested that taking collagen reduces wrinkles and improves humans’ facial moisture. However we are not certain that gelatin provides these same benefits, our fingers remain crossed as experts carry on their research.

4. Eases joint pain

The collagen present in gelatin can helot in decreasing inflammation associate with joint pain. Some clinical research shows that when osteoarthritis patients take gelatin their joint function and pain may be improved. There is a need for further research in this area though.

5. Regulation of blood sugar

Glycine is suggested to have sugar-regulating characteristics in type two diabetic patients. Gelatin contains glycine meaning this benefit is most likely shared. Also, there were recorded cases where people experienced reduced inflammation and A1C level after taking glycine treatment. This suggests that complications like tissue damage can be prevented by using glycine.

6. Sleep quality

Using glycine may increase sleep quality in some individuals. A 20016 published study discovered that those who used 3grams of glycine before their bedtime had better sleep and felt much alive when they woke up.

Another detailed study in 2007 confirmed these findings and implied glycine could very well enhance sleep. However, none of these studies recommended gelatin as a treatment for improving one’s sleep.

How To Use Gelatin

You can find gelatin in several premade food ingredients and items and it can easily be added to home dishes. For example, gelatin powder can be sprinkled over a smoothie to get an extra protein boost.

Gelatin is readily available in online and grocery stores.

Jello and mousses

Your savory and sweet jello and mousses can get added texture and shape when you use gelatin. The right way to use gelatin is to mix it inside a cup of cold water, allowing it to bloom. After this, you should pour a little hot water for it to dissolve. For quantity and timing, make use of the manufacturer’s instruction.

Homemade stock

When homemade broths are prepared from bones of beef or poultry or even leftover carcass, it usually has a rich supply of gelatin. To get the extra flavor on it, you might want to add in some onions, herbs, and carrots before cooking.

The bones should be covered with water and allowed to boil for one to two hours. Check it frequently to ensure that it doesn’t dry out and if necessary, add more water. When cooled, there will be a gel-like substance on the broth’s surface. You can use this to prepare stew or soup or even freeze it and use it in the future.

It is a good practice to use up your leftovers as they help in reducing environmental food waste. So at the same time when you are getting the amino acids present in gelatin and all its other potential health benefits, you are also saving your environment.

amino acids in gelatin

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