L-Tyrosine Benefits in ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the medical conditions that affect children. Impulse decision making, inattention to details and being super active most of the time are the common indications that a kid is suffering from ADHD.

L Tyrosine ADHD

One of the medical conditions that have been affecting many kids nowadays is the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I first heard this term more than two decades ago when my younger brother was diagnosed with this condition. At first, we were not able to explain the challenges we are having with his being inattentive or lack of attention to directions as well as to important details. My mom also had trouble making him stay in one place for several minutes. Until a family friend suggested that we bring him to the doctor. His pediatrician then confirmed that he is one of those kids with ADHD.

ADHD affects the activity and development of the brain. It impacts the part of our brain that involves the regulation of our attention, self-control, and ability to stay in one place still. Patients, especially kids, with ADHD need medical assistance as it can affect their friendships and other relationships at home, at school, and at work.


ADHD Indications

There are some indications that a person may have ADHD. It is just common for kids to have troubles following orders, listening to adults, paying attention to other people, waiting for a turn and sitting still. However, if a person has ADHD, the troubles with these occur as often as it can be.

What are the common ADHD indications? Among the most common indications are being easily distracted or inattentive. Also related to this indication are having troubles keeping one’s concentration and being absent-minded.

Another ADHD indication is that patients are hyperactive and can easily be bored. The medical condition affects the part of our brain that results in the patients being bored easily. Making careless mistakes and rushing to get to another place or get things are also signs that a patient has this medical challenge.

Above all, impulsiveness or acting immediately without prior thinking are indications that a kid may be suffering from this condition. Some patients might do risky actions and can show intense emotional reactions at times.

There are times that adults such as teachers and parents notice that their kids exhibit ADHD signs. Thus, it is very important that parents seek medical help for their children so that they can get the help that the kids need.


Diagnoses of ADHD

How do medical professionals confirm if a patient has ADHD? One way of finding this by attending a consultation with a psychiatrist or psychologist. To start with, physicians will ask questions about the behavior, activity and health of their children. It is also possible that the doctor asks the parent to run through a checklist of the kid’s behavior.

The checklist usually involves questions or data to know more about the hyperactivity, distractibility or impulsivity of the patient. Learning problems, defiant actions and signs of mood swings or anxiety attacks may also be included in the checklist.


ADHD Treatments

Behavior therapy is one of the most common treatments for people who were diagnosed with this medical condition. Many parents have testified that this treatment has helped their kids improve the way they manage their emotions and act on their planning skills. Parent guidance or coaching, as well as school support, are also important to help a patient recover from suffering from ADHD. Moreover, medicines are crucial to boost the ability of patients to pay attention to details and instructions and exhibit self-control.

There is one treatment that many people have tried is the use of L-tyrosine. L-tyrosine ADHD is becoming popular nowadays especially when it comes to how it helps those with ADHD.


L-Tyrosine and ADHD 

How does l-tyrosine benefit patients with ADHD? An amino acid that we can get from eating soy products, some seeds, lima beans, dairy items and peanuts, L-tyrosine is an amino acid that we need to help with the main functions of our body. Among the functions are the protein production, melanin production, and development of dopamine, norepinephrine and other neurotransmitters.

Because of these functions, many clinical experts found L-tyrosine to show promise in ADHD treatment. In a 1987 American Journal of Psychiatry research, experts indicated that L-tyrosine may show significant improvements only in children but not in adults with this condition.


Guidance When Using L-Tyrosine in ADHD

A lot of studies were conducted to confirm the 1987 findings. But more of them still arrive at the same conclusion. In order to ensure the patient’s safety when using L-tyrosine for this medical condition, it is necessary to first seek the point of views of your doctor.

If the doctor agrees, many clinical studies also stressed to limit the intake to 12 grams at the most days as it can lead to the development of several medical concerns.


Benefits From L-Tyrosine

Although clinical studies promote its use or pediatric patients only, we might also want to look at how this amino acid benefits them. Many experts agree that the amino acid is essential to the development and functioning of dopamine. This specific neurotransmitter is involved in the way our memory functions and sleep and mood are regulated. Since it helps control the mood and other brain activities of the kids, sudden impulses and emotional reactions of kids with the medical condition can be controlled.


Other Methods to Help Patients with the Condition

Aside from L-tyrosine use, medicines and behavior therapy, there are other important support systems or methods that we can do to help kids with ADHD. Parents, teachers and other adults who regularly work or stay by the side of the children have important roles and can be the key to their treatment. Working with a lot of patience with them at school is a huge help to encourage the kids to continue improving their behavior. Using parenting approaches that show warmth, love, and support can help boost their positive behavior and strength. Above all, for parents of patients with this condition, working with other parents toward awareness is essential to ensure that they are on the right path to the treatment of their kids.

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