Get Rid Of Saggy Skin With The 10 Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening

Essential oils have different skin benefits. In this article, we will show you the best essential oils for skin tightening. Read on.

Lavender essential oil

Essential oils are as old as age-long tales. And like tales, they have been passed on from one generation to another. Even now, they keep coming up in different areas of life, including skin health.

There are claims backed by science that essential oils can support skin health and beauty. Various oils have different skin benefits. Some of the benefits include skin tightening, glowing skin, smoother skin, and so on. In this article, we will show you the best essential oils for skin tightening.

But before we start, what are essential oils? In simple terms, they are oils extracted from plants. They live true to their names, “essential oil” because their chemical and physical properties have made them essential and precious for health, beauty, and wellness.

One of the skin problems that experts say essential oils can help remedy is saggy skin. Anyone can have saggy skin. But aging makes it more likely. As you grow older, it’s likely for your skin to start sagging.

Aside from aging, if you lose a lot of weight, your skin might also sag. The skin has expanded to accommodate the extra fat and now that you have lost the fats, your skin might find it hard to tighten back into shape. Some medical conditions can also cause saggy skin.

If your skin becomes saggy, you cannot throw it out or replace it with another. It’s yours and you’ll live with it for the rest of your life. So your best bet is to take steps to improve its appearance. One way to do that is to make use of certain essential oils.

These oils will not only help tighten your skin. They will restore your youthful glow. More so, they are inexpensive and generally safe.

The Best Essential oils For Skin Tightening

The Best Essential Oils For Skin Tightening

1. Frankincense

This is arguably more tranquil and valuable than all other oils for skin tightening. It offers protection to your skin cells, as well as encourages the growth of new skin cells. It also encourages skin oxygenation.

All of these effects help increase skin tightening and elasticity. This oil tops the list because it is safe for delicate areas like around your eyes. More so, it has a small molecular so it easily penetrates the skin. This makes it fast-acting. 

2. Patchouli

You can massage your skin with patchouli oil to tighten your skin, as well as prevent cellulite and wrinkles. This is the best bet for pregnant women and those whose skin is becoming saggy due to weight loss.

3.  Myrrh

Even the Bible affirms that Myrrh is very special oil. It is among the 3 oils brought by the wise men to Jesus in the manger. But aside from this historic importance, this oil is very beneficial for the skin.

Myrrh oil helps oxygenate your body tissues. This further helps in soothing the skin and tightening it. Aside from these, it also helps treat chapped skin, wrinkles, and cracked skin. It also gives your skin a perfect glow, as well as improves its tone and flexibility.

4. Geranium

This oil is great for improving elasticity and repairing skin collagen. It is very effective for treating saggy skin and stretch marks. It also nourishes the skin and helps tighten it. All of its effects help reduce wrinkles.

5. Lavender

Lavender oil has antibacterial properties. It helps to regulate sebum production, and as such, reduces scarring. Organic lavender oil also helps treat chapped skin.

Lavender oil prevents skin dryness, rejuvenates the skin, and tones it. It also fades stretch marks anywhere on the body and tightens the skin.

6. Jasmine

The skin revitalizing and healing properties of jasmine oil makes it very special. It helps tighten the skin and fade stretch marks away. It is a great option for achieving better skin elasticity.

Besides, jasmine oil also promotes skin oxygenation and blood circulation. These accelerate cell generation and results in fewer wrinkles and scars.

7. Rosehip Seed

Rosehip oil is packed with hydrating and anti-aging properties. It has an abundance of vitamins A and E, as well as essential fats. All of these options slow aging and improve the skin’s elasticity.  The essential oil of rosehip seed will help boost your skin’s collagen and promote firmer and smoother skin.

8. Neroli 

Citral is a natural compound present in Neroli oil. This compound helps boost skin regeneration. It is also great for reviving scarred tissues. Call it rejuvenating oil and you wouldn’t be wrong. Neroli oil is potent anti-aging oil for improving skin tightness.

 9.  Sandalwood

This is a famous option because of its unique scent. Experts usually recommend it for many skincare purposes. It can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and scars. It can also rejuvenate dull skin and prevent skin sagging. What’s more, it also has hydrating properties.

10. Grapeseed

The oil of grapeseed is renowned for its regenerative properties. It can help tighten saggy skin and reduce stretch marks.

Basic Recipe for Skin Tightening With Essential Oils

The recipe below will make a 5 percent essential oil solution. This is a generally safe dilution rate for topical use on the skin. But you should only use it for the short term.

Now, here is the recipe:

  1. Take a 4oz glass bottle. Fill two-thirds of the bottle with coconut oil (fractionated)
  2. Put 15 drops of vitamin-E oil in the bottle
  3. Add 60 drops of any three of the essential oils we listed above
  4. Fill up the bottle with a good carrier oil like that of rosehip seed.

The best time to use this blend is after showering. Two to three times application weekly should be good enough to give you the results you seek.

The best essential oils for skin tightening might also have some side effects. So you must handle them with caution. Do a patch test to be sure that the blend you want to use is safe for you before using it. Also, find out the possible adverse effects of your chosen oil(s) to be sure you are not at risk.

DIY Oil Recipe For Saggy Skin

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