10 Healthy Candida Diet-Friendly Recipes

Sometimes, people are not aware of how they got infected by a candida infection. Thankfully, there are now ways to manage the symptoms of a candida infection and one of them is by trying assorted candida diet recipes for their new set of meals.

Oral Thrush candida diet recipes

The human body is made up of millions of microorganisms and not all of them are expected to be as helpful as the others. True enough, the body should be more concerned about producing only the good microorganisms, but why are there still times when we get invaded by bad microorganisms that will soon affect us by turning into illnesses? The answer to that question is that there may be a possibility of an injured immune system (or any other part of the body that handles foreign invaders) or sometimes we may not be aware that the good ones are already turning bad. As an example, we have our gut flora which houses a lot of the live microorganisms that our bodies possess. Through a perfect equilibrium of the good microorganisms, the gut flora is able to function properly by improving our gut health and by preventing the intrusion of some harmful substances. But what if there is an instance where there is an overproduction of a specific bacteria or yeast that occurs in the gut flora? As previously mentioned, there are cases wherein the excessive production of a certain microorganism in the body causes a negative impact and one good example is when there is too much candida yeast in the gut flora.

Although not all excessive production of candida yeast is caused by the individual’s lifestyle and diet, specialists still thought of a way on how affected individuals can manage their candida infection through a specific diet that has the potential to help lessen the supposed amount of candida in the body. By doing the candida diet, it is said that it will be easier to manage most cases of candida infection. But for other people, it is sometimes hard to follow a specific diet regimen especially when there are a lot of restrictions and other instructions that must be followed. If you’re having a hard time making your candida diet meals, this article is just for you. We will educate ourselves on the gut flora and how candida becomes an infection, and also some candida diet recipes will also be provided for a smoother diet which will possibly help reduce the amount of candida in the body.

What Is A Candida Yeast?

Generally speaking, candida yeast is considered to be a normal microorganism that lives within our bodies. It is one of the good microorganisms that are naturally occurring in the gut flora, and it helps balance things within so the digestive system of the body is well-maintained and healthy. However, there are instances when the gut flora has more than enough amounts of candida, and this is how the infection starts. If you are curious how the level of candida in the body is controlled, it is actually the healthy bacteria that are in charge of maintaining enough amounts of yeast. But once there are not enough healthy bacteria and when the immune system gets negatively affected, the overproduction of the candida will then start to invade the body instead.

There are many ways an overproduction of candida yeast may develop. So if you want to spare the chances of getting a candida infection, you may want to avoid doing the following listed below. (but some of them are inevitable like the first one)

  • Using antibiotics
  • Having a diet that is more on sugar consumption (and refined carbs)
  • Excessive drinking of alcohol
  • An immune system that becomes weakened
  • Taking of oral contraceptives
  • Most cases of diabetes
  • Getting too stressed that it affects the immune system and overall condition of the body

Noticeable symptoms of candida infection are said to be seven in number, and they are:

  • Oral thrush develops. The sign of oral thrush is the appearance of whitish and bumpy patches that may develop from different parts of the mouth up to the tonsils and the throat.
  • There will be frequent cases of feeling tired and even fatigue. This is due to the infection which results in a range of nutrition deficiencies and one of them is magnesium. Also, as you may have read on how a candida infection occurs due to a weakened immune system; it is another reason for the fatigue.
  • It may start affecting other body parts, and one of the most prone body parts is the women’s genitals or vagina since it is known to contain candida too.
  • Digestive issues are probably one of the most common symptoms of a candida infection, especially since the main body system concerned with the candida yeast is the digestive system.
  • It is also possible to develop a sinus infection due to candida. This usually happens when the infection lasts for more than one month.
  • Fungal infections may also appear on the skin and nails,
  • Look out for symptoms such as joint pains because this means that the candida infection is able to enter the bloodstream already.

The Candida Diet And Sample Recipes

Although the candida diet is considered to be strict because of how it aims to rid the body of excessive candida yeasts, there are still many ways to enjoy the diet without feeling like restricting yourself from delicious meals. Here are a few basic and easy-to-follow candida diet recipes that anyone can try.

Candida-Friendly Pancakes

As long as the ingredients are gluten-free and have less to no amount of sugar, they are acceptable for the candida diet. Also, it is advisable to use collagen protein for this recipe and if you do not want to skip the maple syrup you can try adding almond butter.

Vegan Cauliflower Curry

Starchy vegetables are a no-no while on the candida diet, this means that the best picks would probably be those that are similar to broccoli and asparagus. Cauliflower is a non-starchy vegetable and it is also easy to incorporate in most dishes.

Breakfast Scrambled Eggs

If you are running out of time to prepare your candida diet meal, it is okay to simply cook scrambled eggs and just put sides like tomato and avocado slices for additional taste and health impact.

Turkey Salad

Are you feeling a little fancy and want to try a gourmet-like candida diet recipe? Simply combine healthy green vegetables and top it off with some juicy turkey slices and a dash of olive oil.

Yogurt Parfait

If you still prefer a little sweetness (only a few of this please!), you may satisfy your sweet tooth a little by eating candida-friendly fruits like berries and adding them up into a yogurt. Add some cinnamon and almonds for a more delicious taste and for the additional crunch.

Salmon and Broccoli

What else is better than a meal made from fatty fish and a freshly-steamed vegetable like broccoli? Other than being candida-friendly, this recipe is considered to be very healthy too.

Lemon-Roasted Chicken

Chicken may be considered a worldwide favorite, and you can still enjoy it even while on a diet. Serve your lemon-roasted chicken with a green salad and your meal is already complete.

Hamburger Patty

Although eaten without the buns (not allowed on a candida diet!), hamburger patties are still delicious by themselves and most especially when added with sides such as avocado slices, steamed vegetables, and a fermented dish like sauerkraut.

Vegan-Friendly Omelet

Omelets are more enjoyable if they are mixed with different vegetables. Add some spinach, shallots, and tomatoes to your vegan omelet and you will surely keep cooking this recipe soon enough.

Zucchini Noodles

If you’re not allowed to eat pasta, you can try looking for alternatives like vegetables. Zucchini are normally used as pasta alternatives, they are also delicious when flavored with other ingredients such as chicken, pesto, olive oil, and some raw garlic.

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